Nov 11, 2020

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Ice cream etiquette that no will tell you about

Do you recollect the number of times you have eaten an ice-cream? Now, do you recollect having a thought of how you must eat that ice-cream, ever? Well, for most of us, it is the taste and experience that matters more, and that is absolutely natural. Nothing is wrong in eating your favourite dessert the way you like, isn’t it? But, do you know that there is something called 'Ice-cream Etiquette' that exists in this world?

Unlike food etiquette or drinking etiquette, ice-cream etiquette isn’t as pronounced or popular and hence, most people are unaware of the same. Be it a social gathering, movie night, date, etc, the way you or the ice-cream parlour or restaurants serve ice-creams determine much of whether it should be eaten with a spoon, a fork, or both.

If you are eating an ice-cream in a cone, there’s no debate on how to eat it. However, to make it look sober, many people have now started eating the scoop with a spoon and then as it keeps getting lesser, they switch to regular licking-and-eating style where you take a bite of the cone and give the ice-cream a lick or a bite, depending on your preference.

If the ice-cream is served in a cup or in a bowl, it has to be eaten with a spoon. This is because the spoon gives you good control to slice the ice-cream and lift it up against the curved architecture of the cup or bowl.

If it is served on a plate, ice-creams have to be eaten with a fork. Most often, ice-creams that are served on plates are ice-cream rolls or ice-cream slices (casata ice-creams as they are more popularly known as). These are meant to be eaten with a fork and not a spoon.

Finally, if an ice-cream is served with a cake or a brownie, is it to be eaten with both – a fork and a spoon. The fork is used to hold the cake or brownie and the spoon is used to cut the ice-cream and lift them both to the mouth.

Interesting, isn't it? Next time you have an ice-cream, make sure you remember these and put them to good use to flatter your friends and family with your knowledge about ice-cream etiquette.

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