Nov 11, 2020

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10 reasons why you just cannot hate ice-creams

Summer or winter, who doesn’t love to indulge in an ice-cream? Everyone loves a scoop of this frozen treat irrespective of the season, day, or time. Here are 10 reasons why you simply cannot hate ice-creams.

  1. A flavour for everyone – You may be a fan of paan flavour, or chocolate, or vanilla, cookie-cream, some fruit-flavour, or some hybrid flavour. No matter your preferences, there’s one flavour out there for everyone!
  2. No season for ice-cream – This dessert is a perfect treat for any season, edible all the year round.
  3. Stress-buster – Feeling low or lonely? Ice-cream can lift up your mood and make your sadness go away, one bite at a time!
  4. No time is the right time – You can eat your favourite ice-cream at any time of the day or night, and anywhere you like
  5. A type for all – Not just flavours, the way they serve ice-creams is a treat in itself. Cup, cone, double cone, and many more
  6. Easy to make – Ice-creams are extremely easy to prepare at home. So, if you’re the chef-type or prefer home-made ice-cream, this is the easiest and tastiest treat to make at home
  7. Soothes the throat – Ice-creams are great contributors to soothe your throat and body as well, when you want to beat the heat
  8. Great with anything – Ice-cream and brownies, ice-cream with biscuits, ice-cream with nuts, ice-cream with fruits. Whatever you name it, ice-creams go great with everything
  9. Long shelf-life – Ice-creams come with a long shelf-life so that you can store them in the freezer and can sneak into it and can enjoy it time and again, whenever you crave for it
  10. Easily to serve – Unlike other fancy desserts, ice-creams are easily available at all grocery stores and ice-cream parlours and are an easy-to-serve treat when you have folks visiting you on any festive or regular days

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