Nov 11, 2020

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Love at first bite | Ice-cream flavours you just can�t ignore

You've probably heard of or experienced Love At First Sight, but have your experienced Love At First Bite? If not, you need to start off with having a bite of ice-creams. Different people have their personal favourite dessert or food items that they love and are ready to have them at any given time of the day. The one treat that most people love is ice-creams. Today, there are uncountable ice-cream flavours that ice-cream makers and parlous have introduced that can lift up your mood in seconds. Here are some of our favourite all-time ice-cream flavours that you simply cannot ignore and need to try them out ASAP if you have not yet already given them a bite.

  1. Vanilla – Needless to say, this one tops the list and is by far the most preferred flavour by people of all age-groups. Whether you find it difficult to pick from a range of flavours or whether you just can’t think of what you love, vanilla is the go-to flavour that soothes your throat and lifts up your mood
  2. Chocolate – Chocolate in any form, be it choco-chips, choco-almond, choco-walnut, cocoa-cookie, cookie-cream, choco-brownie, the list can go on.
  3. Natural fruits – Strawberry, mango, black grapes, black current, tender coconut are common, but have you tried tasting kiwi, jackfruit, papaya pineapple, pineapple kaju and litchi yet?
  4. Dry fruits – Rich in looks, nutrients and taste, dry fruit ice-creams are here for the wins. Kaju kismis, mixed dry fruit, almond, walnut, dates and more, these dry fruits ice-creams will leave behind a taste to savour once you have just a bite of them

New in the market – With the increasing demand and growing creativity amongst creators, there are multiple new flavours and combinations that will keep you tempted to have them all. Paan, green chilli, butterscotch, and many more hybrid flavours are the newest entries why you must not skip giving them a try, if you want to experience a new world of ice-creams. These flavours when served with creative methods, gives you a wholesome experience to cherish for times together

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