Nov 11, 2020

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Ice-cream facts to make you love ice-creams even more

We have all eaten ice-creams for the times we can’t even count. That’s because we love ice-creams and the soothing feeling it gives to us. But do you want to know some fun facts about ice-creams that may make you love ice-creams all the more than ever before? If your answer is yes, then this is one article you must give a read to. We’ve curated some cool titbits about your favourite dessert – the ice-cream, which you may have not heard or read before! Read on to know them:

  • You finish a scoop of ice cream by licking it to an average of 50 times
  • USA tops the list of the highest consumer of ice-cream, Australia and Norway rank second and third respectively
  • Vanilla is the most favourite flavour of a majority of people worldwide, followed by chocolate
  • Chocolate syrup is the most popular topping preferred by most people
  • Until 1700, vanilla ice-cream was considered to be a rare and exotic type of ice-cream
  • Chocolate ice-cream was invented/made way before vanilla ice-cream
  • It is in the year 1665 that the first written recipe of an ice-cream was found
  • Around 85-90% of the population stocks on an ice-cream at any given point in time
  • Garlic, avocado, chilli, bacon are some of the strangest flavours of ice-creams
  • Italy hold the record for having the tallest ice-cream cone that was ever made. It stood at 9 feet tall

Aren’t these exciting facts that make you crave for an ice-cream right now? You would be lying if you say you weren’t thinking of your favourite ice-cream while reading this and if you are not tempted to have one already. Don’t hold back on your temptation. Grab that ice-cream right away and enjoy the rest of your day! ?

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