About Us

Heading Flower

Gatox Ice Cream is a culinary maestro, conjuring up delectable Natural Flavor Ice Creams that are a symphony of 100% real fruits. Our brand "Gatox" draws its inspiration from the French term "Gateaux," a celebration of creations infused with the richness of fruits, milk, nuts, and sugar. Embracing the pulse of the present, Gatox is here for those who want to stay healthy and feel amazing. If you're into natural goodness and sensory joy, we've got you covered!

While others load up on chemicals and artificial stuff, Gatox stands out. We keep it real by making our ice cream from just milk, fruits, and sugar. No extras needed!

Every frozen delight born in the heart of Gatox weaves tradition with modern flair, a dedication to wholesomeness that echoes in its vegetarian composition, free from preservatives and artificial colors. This commitment to quality ensures each treat retains its unwavering freshness, gifting customers a harmonious blend of health and flavor, all presented at an attractive price point. With a touch of elegance, we present our creations in impeccable packaging, balanced to accompany you on your journey home.